Widow’s Farmhouse, Lincolnshire

Widow’s Farmhouse, Lincolnshire

A farmhouse with plenty of clues left over about the previous owners. The olde-wolrde possessions hinted at a simple life in the country.

 UK Lincolnshire, UK Rennovated and back in use

This old farmhouse got me thinking. There were plenty of personal possessions remaining, including letters addressed to a lady regarding her pension. There was just the one chair in the living room, and the workshops out the back had obviously been disused a lot longer than the house. The old dear had probably been alone for a while, far from living a modern life, tending to the chickens in the garden. She liked reading, she liked music; There were hundreds of books and a good collection of records. The record player was a real classic, and yet probably the most modern item in the house. I’m glad the house hasn’t been smashed up, but it’s a shame it’s falling into a state of disrepair.

Since my visit, the house has been sold and redevelopment is now under way.

Widow's Farmhouse - Ship On the Mantle Piece
Widow’s Farmhouse – Ship On the Mantle Piece
Widow's Farmhouse - The Aga
Widow’s Farmhouse – The Aga
Widow's Farmhouse - Kitchen
Widow’s Farmhouse – Kitchen
Widow's Farmhouse - Seat with a view
Widow’s Farmhouse – Seat with a view
Widow's Farmhouse - Spiral Staircase
Widow’s Farmhouse – Spiral Staircase
Widow's Farmhouse - Sewing Machine
Widow’s Farmhouse – Sewing Machine
Widow's Farmhouse - Books in the Reading Room
Widow’s Farmhouse – Books in the Reading Room
Window's Farmhouse - Lonely Leftovers
Window’s Farmhouse – Lonely Leftovers
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