About Behind Closed Doors Urbex

About Behind Closed Doors

Finding hidden secrets…

Why are the doors closed if there’s nothing behind them worth seeing? If there’s a way in I’ll take it, take a look around and take some pictures. It’s amazing what you can find behind closed doors.

All the photos on this website are taken at locations that are generally considered to be off limits to the public. Forgotten and abandoned places often hold stunning architecture, left to decay. The art of visiting forgotten places is called Urban Exploring, or Urbex for short.

So, you break into places?

No, absolutely not! I will never cause any damage in order to gain access to a property, that would be illegal. I will only ever use existing access points. If there is no open access point available I will simply move on.

How do you find abandoned buildings?

This is a common question, and one that has many answers. I have discussed many of the techniques used in a separate article explaining how to find abandoned buildings.

Where are these places? Can you tell me the location of…?

In order to safeguard the locations that are particularly susceptible to theft, I may occasionally omit the property’s real name or address.  For the same reason I will not give out locations or access details for any of the places I have visited… So please don’t ask 😉

Why do most of the locations include the real name or address?

This is by far the most common question I get asked by others urban explorers. It’s a common practice to “codename” a site in order to conceal the actual location, however this had been proven to be a misguided practice. It is impossible to provide an accurate historical record of a site without disclosing the name or location – a set of images simply have no value if the viewer does not know what they are looking at.

Read more about why I generally name locations

Copyright and use of my images

Feel free to share my pictures onto any social media website, using the share buttons provided or ensuring you include a link back to my website. Do not modify any of my images and most certainly do not crop out the logo!

If you would like to use any of my images on your own website, for a school/university project, for a print publication, or any other public or commercial purpose please contact me. Do not use my images without my consent.

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