Teddy Bears Day Nursery at St John’s Asylum, Lincoln

The Nursery at St John’s Asylum is a well preserved section of the hospital with minimal decay and leftover toys and other items, and even kids paintings on the walls.

 UK Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln, UK


The Teddy Bears Day Nursery opened in a small part of St John’s Asylum in Bracebridge Health, long after the building ceased to be used as a hospital. St John’s Nursery was refurbished prior to its opening, and was in use until 2010 when the nursery moved to another site.

The much more recent closure means the level of decay is minimal and this section has been well preserved due to it being notoriously difficult to gain access to. There are plenty of items left over including high-chairs, baby enclosures and lots of toys.  Paintings and pictures produced by the children still hang on the walls. Entering the nursery after exploring the rest of the crumbling asylum is like stepping into another world!

St Jonh’s Asylum, the Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum
St John's Asylum - Doctors Accommodation External

Teddy Bears Day Nursery is part of St John’s Asylum.

Please check out the separate report on St John’s Asylum for full details and photos of the rest of the hospital.

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St John's Nursery - High Chairs and the Alphabet Wall
St John’s Nursery – High Chairs and the Alphabet Wall
St John's Nursery - General View
St John’s Nursery – General View
St John's Nursery - Coat Hooks
St John’s Nursery – Coat Hooks
St John's Nursery - Kids Books
St John’s Nursery – Kids Books
St John's Nursery - Window Paintings
St John’s Nursery – Window Paintings
St John's Nursery - Say Cheese!
St John’s Nursery – Say Cheese!
St John's Nursery - Toys
St John’s Nursery – Toys
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