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Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, UK

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital was founded in 1914. A new hospital was built in 2015 to replace the old buildings so we had a look around while they moved out.

Pripyat Schools and Nurseries

Pripyat: Schools and Nurseries

There were 15 primary schools and 5 secondary schools in Pripyat. Toys and exercise books still remain strewn across the floor as a stark reminder of children that once attended.

Teddy Bears Day Nursery at St John’s Asylum, Lincoln

The Nursery at St John’s Asylum is a well preserved section of the hospital with minimal decay and leftover toys and other items, and even kids paintings on the walls.

Silverlands Orphanage, Chertsey

Silverlands Orphanage, Chertsey

The nineteenth century orphanage was a home for up to 60 children. It has never re-opened after a multi-million pound refurbishment and is now falling into decay.