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Red Cross Hospital, Italy

Red Cross Hospital, Italy

An abandoned children’s hospital in Italy with wards that still contain metal beds and a chapel with a large red cross on the ceiling.

St Joseph's Orphanage Italy

St Joseph’s Orphanage, Italy

St Joseph’s is an abandoned orphanage in Italy with a huge impressive staircase and a small chapel.

Mono Orphanage Crying Baby Italy

Mono Orphanage, Italy

Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital is an abandoned orphanage in Italy. The beds have now gone but some old classrooms remain.

Castle Miranda aka Château de Noisy

Castle Miranda aka Château de Noisy, Belgium

Château Miranda aka Chateau de Noisy is a fairytale castle in Celles, Belgium. The building has fallen into a severe state of disrepair but is still stunning!

Silverlands Orphanage, Chertsey

Silverlands Orphanage, Chertsey

The nineteenth century orphanage was a home for up to 60 children. It has never re-opened after a multi-million pound refurbishment and is now falling into decay.