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Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Italy

Tuberculosis Sanatorium / Hospital, Italy

A tuberculosis sanatorium in Italy that later became a general hospital with a huge chapel and traditional Italian architecture.

Abbey Mills Pumping Station, London

Abbey Mills Pumping Station, London, UK

A Victorian pumping house featuring original decorative ironwork. Much of the original equipment remains inside and is still used occasionally.

Château JM Belgium

Château JM, Belgium

Chateau JM is an abandoned mansion in Belgium, holding stunning, pristine architecture. Now sitting in the centre a large hospital, the building has been disused for a while.

The Old Rectory, St Columb Major

The Old Rectory, St Columb Major, Cornwall

Kestrel Court is an impressive 1800’s rectory with grand medieval styling. Many of the original features including paint schemes and detailing still remain.