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Sanyo Electronics

Sanyo Electronics Factory, Lowestoft

The Sanyo Electronics factory focussed on the manufacture of televisions of all shapes and sizes. It closed its doors in 2010 due to a fall in demand for traditional TV’s.

The Sewing House

Sewing House, Norfolk

A house that has been abandoned for around 40 years, containing a good number of sewing machines along with other items, and even a classic car still parked outside.

Terry's Chocolate Works

Terry’s Chocolate Factory, York

The Chocolate Works in York was built by Terry’s in 1924 and produced chocolates and other confectioneries until 2005, the grand staircase of the admin block still remains.

Latvian Consulate, Chorley

Latvian Consulate, Chorley, Lancashire

The former Latvian Consulate Building in Chorley underwent extensive renovation in 2005 to develop the property into the home of the consul to Latvia.

The Old Rectory, St Columb Major

The Old Rectory, St Columb Major, Cornwall

Kestrel Court is an impressive 1800’s rectory with grand medieval styling. Many of the original features including paint schemes and detailing still remain.

Frimley Park X-Ray Department at Cambridge Military Hospital

Frimley Park X-Ray Department at Cambridge Military Hospital

The fully equipped Radiology department at Cambridge Military Hospital, in perfect condition complete with functional X-Ray machines.

Bass Maltings, Sleaford

Bass Maltings, Sleaford

The Bass Maltings in Sleaford opened in the early 20th century and the dominating buildings were used for six decades to produce malt from grain for the production of beer.

Y Heulog Farmhouse

Y Heulog Farmhouse, Wales

A little abandoned farmhouse in Wales, with plenty of items left over hinting at the lives the previous occupants lived.

Teddy Bears Day Nursery at St John’s Asylum, Lincoln

The Nursery at St John’s Asylum is a well preserved section of the hospital with minimal decay and leftover toys and other items, and even kids paintings on the walls.

St John’s Hospital aka County Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Lincoln

St John’s Hospital aka County Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Lincoln

St John’s Asylum in Bracebridge Heath was a mental asylum built in 1852. The grand Italian style building is now a shell of its former greatness.